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Top 10 Most Extreme Men/Women Bodybuilder

1. Ana Claudia Pires

Ana is a female body builder from Brazil. She holds many awards in body building; she was 8 times Rio de Janeiro state champion, 4 times Brazilian champion, 2 times South-American champion and she was 8th twice on the World Championship. You must admit she has some abs on her.

2. Markus Rühl

This robust fellow has some of the widest shoulder in history of bodybuilding. Now he is a former FBB professional bodybuilder. He is one of the strongest bodybuilders shoulder to shoulder with Johnnie O. Jackson.

3. Nicole Bass

She is one of the largest women bodybuilders in the world. This muscle lady was the winner of the 1997 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships and has competed in the 1997 Ms. Olympia. Then she went into Pro Wrestling and now she is working her independent shows worldwide.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you are not sure how to become famous you can look up to the Terminator himself. He was the youngest Mr. Universe at the age of 20 after that he won Mr. Olympia seven times. He acted in many movies and is currently the governor of California imposing many laws among which is the law which forbids selling fizzy drinks to minors thus wanting to raise health awareness among teenagers.

5. Yolanda Hughes

She competed in Arnold or the Olympia shows winning in 1997 and in 1998 Arnold Classic Champion and making six Olympia appearances. Now she is retired from bodybuilding and has her own business in Washington.

6. Ronnie Coleman

This big guy has eight straight wins as Mr. Olympia. He was born May 13, 1964 in Bastrop, Louisiana and is now a retired American professional bodybuilder. Ronnie holds the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 26 wins. But he’s not an ordinary bodybuilder he has a degree in accounting.

7. Kim Chizevsky

She is a professional female bodybuilder champion and figure/ fitness competitor. She was Ms. Olympia 1996-1999. She was a multi sport star in high school and practiced many sports like volleyball and basketball when she stares going to university, after doing some aerobics, her friend convinced her to try bodybuilding. Look how it turned out for her.

8. Dr. Franco Columbu

This Italian actor and bodybuilder i s 67 now, but he was once the “World’s Strongest Man” competitor. In 1977 he won the title of the “World’s Strongest Man” from then on he kept winning Mr. World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Europe and he’s a four time mister Olympia Title.

9. Irene Andersen

Irene Andersen is another female body builder who born in Denmark in 1966. Her hard work and sacrifice have made her six pack look so good. Today she’s one of the most successful female body builders.

10. Johnnie O. Jackson

His first IFBB competition was the GNC Show of Strength in 2002 where he placed 10th, his first Arnold Classic was in 2006. HE often competes in power lifting events. Even though he’s not the biggest bodybuilder around he’s muscles are thick and look incredibly flexible unlike with other bodybuilder.

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Top 10 Antique Places In The World

The world that we live in is full of pleasant surprises. There are those which have been gifted to man by nature while there are those man has managed to create on his own as a way of proving the talent given to him by God. These beautiful antique structures have been listed as part of the wonders of the world. There are those which have been in existence since time immemorial whilst there are some which have also ceased. Discussed herein are some of the top ten antique places in the world that needs to make up part of your bucket list.

1. Teotihuacán
At number one is Teotihuacán located on the bay of Mexico. There are a set of pyramid design like structures that are known locally as the Teotihuacán. History has it that the structure was built through the pre-Columbia age. This amazing place is made up of residential houses, murals as well as pyramids. It is actually believed that the place was a city to over 100,000 people.

2. Karnak Temple
Number two on the list is Karnak temple that is situated neat Luxor, Egypt. The construction is breath taking and one wonders how the early generation managed to build such mega structures with perfection without the aid of computer technology. It is a story of how heavily modern architectural design has borrowed from the past. Historians believe that the temple was constructed somewhere around the 16th century. It tells the story the advancement of Thebes.

3. Bagan Temples and Pagodas
Sitting comfortably at number three is Bagan Temple and Pagodas. Whereas it lies in ruins today, it is a story of genius. It is situated in Burma as the original city of Baga. It is believed to have been the epicenter of early civilization. Presently, a majority of temples and Pagoda are in deplorable conditions and are in dire need of urgent repair lest they fall down. This has been brought particularly by the refusal of the Burma military to have the temples be recognized as part of the world heritage site.

4. Forbidden City
Number four on the list is Forbidden City which is located in Beijing China. Many visitors to Beijing, China frequent this place to see what it has to offer. The city came into existence in the 1400s. Presently, there is not much left of the city but a number of buildings that approximate to 980 sited on an area of 7.8 million square foot. A majority of the buildings are under the management of Palace Museum; nevertheless, there are those which are still being utilized by the Chinese government. When walking through the city, one cannot but help notice the magnificent artwork that was gathered through the entire period of Quing and Ming reigns. In addition, the city is a story of Chinese culture.

5. Angkor Wat
At number five is Angkor Wat which is situated in Cambodia and was for many decades the capital city of Cambodia. Even though the place has been abandoned, it still holds a significance value in terms of religion to Cambodians. Historians believe that it was built around the 12th century by the then King Surtavarman II. Its image constitutes part of the Cambodian National flag.

6. Bali
At number six is Bali a significant part of Indonesian history and well renowned location worldwide that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Coincidentally, the most of Hindu population in Indonesia are located in Bali. Some of the things that Bali is known for it’s the artwork and cultural events that takes place therein.

7. Machu Picchu
At number seven and situated somewhere in Urumbamba Valley in Peru is Machu Picchu. The antique site is believed to have been constructed by the Inca tribe just before the arrival of Columbian. The place acted at as a sit of power for the Inca rulers for approximately 100 years. When Inca rule fell, the place was abandoned and remained dormant until 1911. There is however conflicting documented history reports that show the site was rediscovered in 1847.

8. Taj Mahal
At number nine and renowned world over is Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal was constructed as a monument of eternal love by the Emperor Shah Jahan Taj Mahal for his dearly departed wife. It is located somewhere in Agra, India and has been named as part of the eight wonders of the world. Many visitors to India visit the Taj Mahal to just see what the emperor had to build in memory of his wife. No doubt that it is a significant part of history. The architectural design is just but amazing as it makes use of Persian, Indian as well as Islamic architecture in its design.

9. Great Wall of China
At number nine is the Great Wall of China. It is still amazing how it is the only footprint of the earth that can be viewed from the moon. The great wall comprises of sets of wall located along the north part of China. Its main purpose was to safeguard the country from external invasion. It is believed that the wall was approximately 5,500 miles long.

10. Giza Pyramid Complex
At number ten and definitely not the least is Giza Pyramid Complex located in Cairo Egypt. It forms part of the Seven Wonders of the World and attracts millions of visitors worldwide each year.


Jenna Bently, the Playboy Playmate and fashion model, is getting her own reality show. These pictures were snapped as she films a pilot for that new reality show at various boutiques on Melrose Ave and from what I can tell, it appears to be about her shopping or maybe trying on clothes.

Get ready for an edge of your seat, nail biting thrill ride as Jenna decides whether to buy the cut out shirt that shows off her boobies or decides it just isn’t revealing enough. Yup. This woman is pure class. I like her though. Don’t get me wrong. She looks like she’d be a lot of fun to hit the clubs with, as long as you don’t mind fading into the background and letting the pretty blond have all the attention.

Top 10 Websites For Music Download

Since its inception, internet has continued to grow by the day and the recent technological developments in information and communication technology infrastructure has made internet connectivity simple than ever. Unlike several decades ago when you needed a PC and sets of hardware in order to have internet connection, the same cannot be said today. Access to the web has been simplified with manufacture of hand held devices, e.g. cell phones that can access internet. In addition, technologies such as Wi-Fi makes it possible to access internet wherever you are, e.g. at the coffee shop, library, airport or restaurant,
From online shopping to online banking to video conferencing, the internet is virtually being used for everything. One of the most popular uses of internet is entertainment, for example music and video download as well as gaming.
There are several benefits of downloading your favorite collection of music from the internet for example, variety and affordability.
Discussed herein are some of the top ten web sites that you can use for music download.

1. Napster
Downloading music has never been made easier since the introduction of Napster. Despite the turbulence period that it went through after being accused of piracy that saw it being shut for a significant amount of period, napster has continued to be the number one leading website for legal music download. Majority of sites used today for downloading music found their base on napster.

2. iTunes
Probably one of the biggest successes of Apple sore since the introduction of iPhones and iPods, iTunes has become one of the most preferred stops for music downloads. It boasts of having some of the latest hits from leading celebrities of the present age. From the site, you can download virtually everything that you need, e.g. audio, mp3 and movies.

3. Real Rhapsody
At number three is Real Rhapsody. It has gained popularity over the past few years. The site boasts of some of the best features. What makes the site one of the best of its times? Foremost, the site has different offers depending on the service you want access to. Payment for downloads has also been simplified with availability of payment options such as credit card, paypal and online check.

4. eMusic
At number four is eMusic. The site has managed to earn its place amongst the top ten lists due to the range of features it makes available from the site. Moreover, it has an appropriate price planning that makes it easier for anybody to download music. Unlike other sites such as iTunes that provides one with better file organization this lacks in eMusic.

5. Amazon Mp3
Amazon is popularly known for providing a platform for buyers and sellers from around the world to buy and sell whatever commodity that they have. Nonetheless, you can be able to buy and download music of all genres from Amazon Mp3 with ease. In addition, the site does provide different payment options, e.g. credit card, paypal or online check to facilitate purchase of music with ease.

6. Zune Marketplace
Microsoft is well known for its prowess in software development. Nonetheless, they have added another feather to their cap by introducing Zune Marketpalce that enables persons to buy and download music from the web.

7. Puretracks
Coming in at number seven is Puretracks. Despite its simplicity, Puretracks can be acclaimed as having some of the best music that can be downloaded at an affordable price than what most sites can offer.

8. Walmart Music Downloads
All of us are well familiar with Walmart as one of the biggest retail stores in the world. However, an addition to their collection is Walmart Music Downloads that enables persons from around the world to download music with much ease.

Unlike other music download sites, combines both social networking features and music download into one. This enables new entrants into the music industry to have a platform from which they can endorse their music on a global scale.

10. HMV Digital
Last but not least is HMV Digital which is a subsidy of the UK based retailer. This gives it an edge over other music download sites by having a database of music varieties to choose from.

Each of the above sites has a unique feature that differs from the other. It is thus important for one to carefully analyze the services and offers provided.